Footprints Hospice Management Software Solution: Excellence in Clinical and Billing Software
Billing Services
Increase the speed and accuracy of your reimbursements

You can maximize your reimbursements, reduce administrative costs, expedite your cash in-flow, streamline your billing processes, and increase billing accuracy. You also gain access to our hospice specific management software at no additional cost. Enter patient demographic information, family and friends, treating team, and level of care changes. You can even track certifications, enter time sheet data and run reports.

  • Alerts posted to the billing dashboard to notify you of important tasks and level of care changes that affect billing.
  • Pre-billing Audit ensures only valid claims are released to eliminate claim rejections due to missing or inaccurate data
  • Electronic Billing for Medicare, Medicaid, as well as Private Insurance and patient copays
  • Integrated with Medicare Requirements and Certification Tracking tools based on Clinical objectives and milestones
  • Seamless integration with Accounts Receivable
Choose footprints billing services for the peace of mind you deserve while you focus on delivering quality care to your patients.