Footprints Hospice Management Software Solution: Excellence in Clinical and Billing Software
Hospice EMR
Chart with confidence

Footprints EMR is a comprehensive software that integrates and tracks patient medical records, clinical plan of care, billing and finance, quality assurance, donations, hospice management tools, reports, and volunteer services.

  • Allows faxing to vendors and physicians from any assessment, phyisician orders, or routine note.
  • Forms can be customized to fit your business
  • Clinical workflows allows you to setup required documentation which enforces the user to complete on each visit.
  • Customize user dashboards
  • Integrations for pharmacies and DME suppliers
  • Integrations to your accounting software
  • Verify insurance eligibility with the push of a button
  • manage patient labs
  • Patient photo identification
  • Centralized area to view patient visits, admissions, notes, and alerts
  • Schedule visits for patients or resources
  • IDT reviews with integrated patient goals and objectives
  • Bereavement assessments and plan of care for bereaved
  • Community outreach tracking to phyisicans, volunteers, and supporters
  • DME and supplies tracking with alert notifications for re-orders